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WMT Portable CNC Cutting Machine


The WMT Portable CNC Cutting Machine has all the characteristics and functions of a full size CNC cutting machine. We provide excellent quality of WMT PORTABLE CNC CUTTING MACHINE which can easily cut complex shapes effectively. In WMT PORTABLE CNC CUTTING MACHINE either flame or plasma cutting processes are used but takes up much less space on the shop floor, and since it is portable it does not have to occupy a fixed location. It is designed to be rugged and reliable, yet cut parts with accuracy and decision.

The compact structural design is light enough to allow portability, so it can be used indoors or outdoors, The machine's CNC and drive housing is constructed from anti-magnetic steel, and the CNO has an intuitive LCD display with graphical menu driven operation. NC programs in EIA format can be loaded for cutting via USB port or RS-232 download. All the functionality you expect from a large scale CNO cutting machine, in a smaller portable size.. and with a very affordable price!


Type Parameter
WMT Small CNC Cutting Machine
Machine Width 2700mm
Machine Length 4000mm
Effective Cutting Width 1850mm
Effective Cutting Length 3200mm
Cutting Mode Flame (standard), Plasma is optional
Cutting thickness 6-100mm (Determined according to plasma power)
Flame Cutting gas Oxygen + Acetylene, Oxygen + Propane
NC System Microstep CNC
Maximum speed 6000mm/min
Power 220v/380v      50HZ

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