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Our Products

Plasma Cutter

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutting Inverters | Hypertherm Plasma Cutter | Kjellberg Plasma Cutting Systems

Plasma Consumables

Hypertherm Consumables | Thermal Dynamics Consumables | Kjellberg Consumables | Esab Consumables

Plasma Torches

Hypertherm Torches | Thermal Dynamics Torches | Kjellberg Torches | Esab Torches | Trafimet Torches | Panasonic Torches

CNC Machines

CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine | CNC Plasma Table Cutting Machine | Gas Torch Machine for Strip Cutting

Welding Machines

GBT Inverter DC MMA / ARC Welding Machine | IGBT Inverter DC TIG / MMA Welding Machine | Inverter DC Plasma Cutting Machine

Controller / THC

Thermal Dynamics ICNC®-XT | Plasma Cutting controller | CNC Cutting Controller | Hypertherm EDGE Pro | Torch Height Controller

Nesting Software

Hypertherm ProNest | Hypertherm TurboNest | MOST 2D | FastCAM | SigmaNEST

Servo Motor Drives / Gearbox

Panasonic Servo Motor Drives | Yaskawa Servo Motor Drives | Neugart Planetary Gearboxes | Shimpo Planetary Gearboxes


SAI-WELD-INDIA is one stop shop for all welding machines or equipment requirement and is know for fast response, reliability and precision in quality material. This helps their customer to focus on their core strength/business to increase productivity and profitability.

" We are the world class engineering manufacturer providing the highest quality products, services and solutions to our customers."

Why Us ?

Offer best quality product in all disciplines.

Believes in delivering up to date technological equipments.

Our ranges of products are known for its durability & long life services.

Supplying & exporting the factory end products to our customers.

Customization facilities are available for our esteemed clients.

Expertise in welding industry assure customer about smooth work flow, quality deliverables and timely response.

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