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ArtHydef CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine


We Sai Weld India is a famous name in the industry in supplying ArtHydef Plasma Bevel cutting system which is widely applicable in ship-building, structural steel and mechanical device manufacturing industries. The ability to cut parts with accuracy and precision in 2-D, but with the added benefit of 3-D cutting to prepare edge surfaces that are correctly beveled and clean to be immediately ready for subsequent welding operations, without the need for additional weld-prep operations.

Because of these benefits substantial improvements are implemented in productivity and cost savings! The design of the rotating head does not twist the cables, and reliability is improved by eliminating the need for a rotary contractor ring to transmit electrical signals.

This system supports a smooth continuous change to the bevel angle while cutting to realize plate curve bevel cutting, and can also cut V, X, K or Y bevels. Typical applications include cutting ship hull components, or pressure vessels with domed surfaces where beveled sections are cut from the rounded surfaces.

The plasma bevel Cutting Machine has the capability to perform scarf function to remove weld beads and leave a seamless appearance to welded seams, eliminating the need for subsequent machining processes. The plasma system is matched to meet the cutting requirements of the customer and application.


Type Parameter
ArtHydef CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine
Machine Width Made to customer requirement - 4m minimum
Rotation +/- 720 'legrees standard (optional infinite rotation)
The Length Of Rail According to customer requirement
Effective Cutting Width 0. 8m less than track width
Effective Cutting Length 2.5m less than track length
Plasma Bevel Cutting Thickness Determined according to Plasma System selected
Bevel Angle ±45°
Maximum speed 15000mm/min
Tool Stations • Up to 2 plasma bevel stations • Optional gas cutting torch station (single   torch, triple 1orch and rotating triple torch systems offered) 
• Optional Marking & Drilling systems
Cutting Mode Plasma (Standard) - Optional Flame Cutting
Servo System Yaskawa Sigma Series - Dual Rail Drive
Gearbox NEUGART Planetary Reducer
NC system Hypertherm EDGE Pro CNC
Nesting software LANTEK
Optional features Cutting Table , Fume Extraction System

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