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Torch Height Controls


The Sensor THC is a full featured torch height control systerm specifically designed to integrate with Hypertherm Automation's shape cutting controls.

With integrated "SoftMotion" and closed loop servo control, the Sensor THC delivers high performance arc voltage height control for plasma cutting. The result is an easy to use, reliable system that can significantly increase the productivity and profitat ility of your shape cutting operation.


  • Complete built-in test for easy hook-up, system test, and configuration.
  • Built in user programmable process control parameters for initial height sense, plasma arc voltage, torch height disable, automatic kerf crossing detection, skip IHS, IHS offset, and automatic retry on arc transfer error.
  • Complete servo loop adjustments including proportional, integral, derivative, and feed-forward gains.
  • Arc voltage range 50-300 VDC in 0.5 volt increments.
  • Initial height sense can be done with ohmic contact or position error stall detection
  • Manual or full automatic height control.
  • Programmable retraction distance.
  • Maximum speed 600inch/min, acceleration 19.2inch/min2.
  • Under conventional conditions the dynamic track arc voltage +/-0.25V. and Inflection point track voltage +/-1.0V. The dynamic pointing accuracy is +/-0.0005 inches, using 1000 line linear encoder and 1Khz scanning rate.

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