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KHC4 Arc Voltage Torch Height Control System


The KHC 4 system is a voltage-dependent height control unit for all high-precision plasma applications for cutting thin, medium-sized and thick plates. The KHC 4 has all the essential functions that are needed to achieve good quality cuts and optimum utilization of material. All settings are adjusted at the control panel.


  • After cutting torch tip and steel plate make soft contact, there is a fine adjustment to set the piercing height by the torch lifter
  • Through the arc voltage sensor, and during the entire cutting process, the cutting torch maintains constant height from material
  • Can be used for both Dry Cutting and Underwater Cutting
  • Allows continued cutting when work piece is uneven
  • Uses an enhanced piercing sequence that prolongs nozzle life
  • Built-in Anti Collision device to protect plasma torch
  • Compact and precise, the servomotor move: the torch up and down, the maximum traveling range is 220mm
  • The initial height sense is based on the method of the cutting torch making soft contact with the work piece
  • Vertical Speed is adjustable up to 6m/min

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