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ArtCut Portal Type CNC Flame / Plasma Cutting Machine


We, Sai Weld India are prominent manufacturers, suppliers of excellent quality of Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.
The ArtCut CNC Flame / Plasma Cutting Machine supplied by SAI WELD INDIA is a flexible all-round system that is very cost effective, in this system oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting processes provide users with productivity improvements and cost saving benefits.

This single machine is suitable for gas cutting of carbon steel in 5-300mm thickness range, and can support plasma cutting for stainless steel, carbon steel and non-ferrous metal in 0.5-160mm thickness range (de sending on capacity of plasma source selected). We provide rack & pinion drive mechanism which employs a reliable brushless AC servo system with precision planetary gearboxes for high positional accuracy, and linear guides for smooth, accurate motion of the torches in the cross axis.

Heavy duty rail is machined and surface treated for long life and smooth motion. Each oxy-fuel torch is mounted to a robust motorized lifter, using a ballscrew mechanism and linear guides to insure the up/down movement is accurate and true. Automatic flame ignition and automatic capacitive torch height control systems offered to fully automate the cutting process and insure the cut quality is consistently high. Plasma torch positioners all have built in 360° anti-collision devices to protect the torch from damage. Several options for arc voltage torch height control are offered so the most suitable system can be selected to match the type of plasma cutting system required for the user application.

The Art CUT is offered with a choice of user friendly CNO controls, and by using our nesting software to prepare cutting programs the user can optimize plate utilization and consistently produce high quality cut parts!


Type Parameter
ArtCut Portal Type CNC Flame Cutting Machine
Machine Width Up to 4m More than 4m
Driving Mode Single side or Dual side Dual side
The Length Of Rail According to customer requirement
Effective Cutting Width 0.8m less than track width
Effective Cutting Length 2m less than track length 2.5m less than track length
Cutting Thickness Flame: 5 150mm (optional up to 300mm) , Plasma: 0. 5-160mm 10000mm
Maximum speed 10000 mm
Number of Flame Cutting Torches 1 or 2 with automatic ignition, capai'itive torch height control
Number of Plasma Cutting Torches 1 or 2 witl Arc voltage torch height control
Cutting Mode Flame (oxygen and fuel gas) 
Plasma (air, N2, 0xy, H2, Argon hydrogen mixture etc. )
Servo System Yaskawa Sigma Series (standard), optional Panasonic
Gearbox NEUGART Planetary Reducer
NC system Hypertherm MicroLDGE and EDGE Pro, FL CNC, Burny 10 LCD
Plasma Power Kjellberg, Hy jertherm, Thermal Dynamics, Kaliburn
Nesting software FASTCAM (standard), other systems optional
Optional features Powder marking, Multi-stage piercing, High and low pressure preheating, InkJet mi rking, Manual torch positioners, Heating and aii—conditio ling system, Fume Extraction system

SAI WELD INDIA has consistently embraced innovation to provide a superior level of excellence.