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ArtMax03 Gas Torch Machine for Strip Cutting


Our ArtMax-03 Flame Cutting Machine is a cost effective system for making straight cuts (strip cuts) in steel plates. The overall size and number of torches are configured according to the requirements of the customer's application.

Several gas torches mounted on the front of the machine can make longitudinal straight cuts simultaneously, and one torch mounted to the back of the machine can make crosswise cuts to cut off the width edge of the plate.

The simple operator console makes it easy to control the cutting process. Optional features such as manual or motorized height adjustment support the ability to raise and lower all torches together for convenient operation. Water spray devices are also optional.


Type Parameter
ArtMax 03 Gas Torch Machine for Strip Cutting
Machine Width A cording to customer requirement, minimum 3m
The Length Of Rail According to customer requirement
Effective Cutting Width 0. 8m less than track width
Effective Cutting Length 2m or 2.5m less than track length
Minimum Cutting Width 70mm
Cutting Thickness 5-60mm
Maximum Speed 6000mm/min
Number of Cutting Torches Longitudinal: qty according to customer , Transverse-. 1 torch
Cutting Mode Flame (oxygen and fuel gas)
Driving Mode Single side or Dual side
Driving Motor DC servo motor
Speed control system SCR Control

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