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ArtLaser CNC Laser Cutting Machine


This ARTLASER CNC LASER CUTTING MACHINE is the newest machine we are offering. It is most suitable for demanding applications requiring extremely high cut quality!

Here with the help of a lens and a reflector, the laser beam energy is focused to a very small region, and this high degree of energy concentration causes rapid localized heating / cutting, with little or no distortion.

The laser technology is useful in accurate cutting for complex shapes, even with semi-finished materials. The high quality of the laser cut eliminates the need for any additional processing of the cut surfaces. Machine speeds up to 120 m/min deliver increased productivity and cutting capacity!


Type Parameter
ArtLaser CNC Laser Cutting Maehine
Longitudinal stroke 4000mm standard - optional sizes according to customer requirements
Transverse stroke 2000mm standard - optional sizes according to customer requirements
Torch travel 150mm
Materials that can be cut Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, nonferrous metals etc.
Maximum machine speed 120m/min
Maximum Cutting Thickness 
(Carbon Steel)
25 mm
Maximum Cutting Thickness 
(Stainless Steel)
Positioning accuracy ±0. 025mm
Repeatability positioning accuracy ±0. 01mm
Laser power 2000-6000W
Laser source Fiber laser (IPG) or CO2 laser (ROFIN)
Cutting Head PRECITEC (Germany)
NC system ECKELMANN (Germany)

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