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Thermal Dynamic Automated Plasma Cutting Systems

Cut Master 10mm

Maximum Cut : 12mm

Severance Cut : 16mm

Pierce Rating : 6mm

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Cut Master 20mm

Genuine (True) Cut : 20mm

Maximum Cut : 25mm

Severance Cut : 32mm

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Cut Master 25mm

Genuine (True) Cut : 25mm

Maximum Cut : 30mm

Severance Cut : 38mm

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Cut Master 35mm

Genuine (True) Cut : 35mm

Maximum Cut : 40mm

Severance Cut : 45mm

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Cut Master 40mm

Genuine (True) Cut : 40mm

Maximum Cut : 50mm

Severance Cut : 55mm

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PAK 200

Genuine (True) Cut : 50mm

Maximum Cut : 70mm

Severance Cut : 75mm

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PAK® 200i

Recommended Cut : 40mm

Maximum Cut : 70mm (Edge Start)

Pierce Rating : 32mm

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