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PAK 200


The Pak 200 manual plasma system is an ultra heavy duty water cooled plasma system that is suitable for cutting, gouging piercing and beveling heavy section material with maximum efficiency. The unit can be configured with a range of torch lengths suited to the application and utilises heavy duty long life consumables specific to the Pak 200. The unit operates from a 415V supply and has a 100% duty cycle in a 40 degree ambient. The dual gas system ensures superior performance on ferrous and non-ferrous materials and is ideal for applications that require ultra heavy duty performance.

Part Number : 3-0005

Cutting Capacity Terminology

Genuine (True) Cut Cutting speed of 250 mm/min with an excellent smooth cut surface and little or no dross with no need for grinding or rework
Maximum Cut

Cutting speed of 150-200 mm/min with clean smooth cut surface and minor dross

Severance Cut Cutting speed of less than 100 mm/min with rippled cut surface and significant dross

Cutting Capacity

Genuine (True) Cut 50mm
Maximum Cut 70mm
Severance Cut 75mm
Pierce Rating 35mm


Supply Voltage 415 volt, 3 phase, 50/60Hz
Maximum Output Current 200 amps
Output Power 40Kw
Duty Cycle (@ 40C) 200 amps® 100%
Plasma gas Air, ArH2
Secondary gas Air, N2
Warranty Power source - 2 years; Torch - 1 year*
Power Source Weight 221kg
Dimensions (Power Source) 1238H x 700W x 978Lmm

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