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HyPerformance HPR800XD


The HPR800XD extends the versatility of HyPerformance Plasma to provide the most expansive process range and thickest stainless steel and aluminum cutting capacity available on the market.

Operating Data

Mild steel cut capacity

Dross free 38 mm (1-1/2")

Production pierce 50 mm (2")

Maximum cutting capacity 80 mm (3.2")

Stainless steel cut capacity

Production pierce 75 mm (3")

Maximum pierce 100 mm (4")

Severance 160 mm (6-1/4")

Aluminum cut capacity

Production pierce 75 mm (3")

Severance 160 mm (6-1/4")


New HDi thin stainless steel technology

Thick stainless steel and aluminum cutting capacity

Expansive process range delivers extended versatility

Maximized productivity and improved profitability

Unmatched reliability


Capacity Mild steel Dross free
Production pierce
Maximum cutting capacity
38 mm (1-1/2")
50 mm (2")
80 mm (3.2")
Stainless steel Production pierce
Maximum pierce 
75 mm (3")
100 mm (4")
160 mm (6-1/4")
Aluminum Production pierce 
75 mm (3")
160 mm (6-1/4")
Speed* (Mild steel) Book specification at highest output current 12 mm (1/2")
4430 mm/m
(170 ipm)
Cut angle ISO 9013 range* 2-5
Weldability   Ready to weld
Process gases by material 
Mild steel 02/Air, 02/02, Ar/Air
Stainless steel H35/N2, N2/N2, H35-N2/N2, F5/N2
Ar/Air, Ar//N2
Aluminum H35/N2, Air/Air, H35-N2/N2
Ar/Air, Ar//N2
Process amps Not all processes available for all materials 30-800

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