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Cut Master 40mm


The new Cutmaster True 40mm plasma is the largest air cooled system manual system in the range. The heavy duty inverter system with a duty cycle of 80% in a 40°C ambient, is specifically designed for high level applications requiring superior endurance and cutting performance. Operating from a 415V three phase supply, the unit incorporates features such as auto-pilot re-start , True Guard roll bar and the heavy duty SL100 1Torch® for superior performance. The unit can also be used for heavy duty gouging, piercing and beveling applications when fitted with the correct torch consumables.

These features combined with a three year limited warranty make this the ideal unit for and heavy duty fabrication, construction and mining applications.

Part Number : 1-1930-3

Cutting Capacity Terminology

Genuine (True) Cut Cutting speed of 250 mm/min with an excellent smooth cut surface and little or no dross with no need for grinding or rework
Maximum Cut

Cutting speed of 150-200 mm/min with clean smooth cut surface and minor dross

Severance Cut Cutting speed of less than 100 mm/min with rippled cut surface and significant dross

Cutting Capacity

Genuine (True) Cut 40mm
Maximum Cut 50mm
Severance Cut 55mm
Pierce Rating 25mm


Supply Voltage 415 volt (+/- 15%), 3 phase, 50/60Hz
Minimum Recommended Generator 16.5kVA
Maximum Output Current 120 amps
Output Power 15.4KW
Duty Cycle (@ 40C) 120 amps @ 80%
Warranty Power source - 3 years; Torch - 1 year*
Power Source Weight 28.1kg
Dimensions (Power Source) 385 H x 315 W x 775 L mm

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