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HySpeed HT2000


Delivers fastest cut speeds and lowest operating costs available for 200-amp oxygen plasma.

Operating Data

Production cutting capacity (piercing) - mild steel 25 mm (1")

Maximum pierce capacity - mild steel 38 mm (1 1/2")

Maximum cutting capapcity (edge start) - mild steel 50 mm (2")


The dual gas HySpeed HT2000 and HYSpeed HT2000LHF operate with conventional consumables for optimal results on the broadest spectrum of material types and thicknesses. The HySpeed HT2000 and HySpeed HT2000LHF oxygen plasma cutting systems now utilize Hypertherm's patented Coaxial-assistT jet technology to boost cutting speeds as much as 50% over conventional designs.


Mild steel
Dross free
Production (pierce)
Severence (edge starts)
25 mm (1") 
38 mm (1-1⁄2") 
50 mm (2")
Stainless steel Production (pierce)
Severence (edge starts)
25 mm (1")
50 mm (2")
Aluminum Production (pierce)
Severence (edge starts)
25 mm (1")
50 mm (2")
(Mild steel)
Optimum quality 12 mm (1/2")
3050 mm/m (120 ipm)
Cut angle ISO 9013 range 4-5
Weldability   Ready to weld
Process gases by material
Mild steel O2/Air, O2/O2, Air/Air, N2/CO2 
Stainless steel Air/Air, N2/Air, N2/CO2, H35/N2
Aluminum Air/Air, N2/Air, N2/CO2, H35/N2
Process amps Not all processes available for all materials 40-200
beveling (200)

* Note: Take care in comparison: competitors often show maximum cutting speeds rather than speeds that deliver the best cuts, as shown above. Cut speeds listed above deliver best cut quality, but cut speeds can be up to 50% faster.

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