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Multi-Torch Cutting Control System: HYD-VIII


  • HYD-VIII is a turn-key system for retrofit project, it offers complete 4/6torch solution for gantry machine.
  • With our muti-torch operation console design and universal I/O card, greatly simplified the CNC system wiring work, and very easy for customer's future maintenace and operation.
  • All CNC, servo, THC wiring completed in this system.
  • We can share this design to OEM manufacturers, and offer parts for OEMs to assemble their own stylish system.

Include follow parts

  • Upper and lower two metal cabinets
  • 17 inch Dell Monitor
  • CNC controller: MicroHYD from us, or MicroEDGE from Hypertherm
  • Servo: Mitsubishi E series, Panasonic A5 series. Gearbox optional
  • Maximum 4 or 6 torches, 2 plasma simultaneosly cutting control available

  • THC & lifter is optional
  • With our support, you will find the industrial-level CNC control system building can be simple as DIY work.
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Full Name of Product Flame/Plasma Multi-Torch Cutting Control System
Product Model HYD-VIII
Dimensions LxWxH: 455*450*670 and 350*820*625
Supply Voltage AC220V/380V+5% 50Hz/60Hz
Drive mode Single Drive and Dual Drive
Control mode Position control and Speed control
Display 17’LCD with original packing
Interface Two USB interfaces (expandable), 3 RS232 serial ports and 1 RJ45 network interface are provided on panel.
Cutting Mode Supporting flame and plasma cutting
Quantity of cutting torches Capable of controlling 6 torches simultaneously, plasma/flame torch
Software Language English-Chinese
Working Temperature -10 ~ 60℃

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