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Thermal Dynamics ICNC®-XT


When matched with Thermal Dynamics' innovative Ultra-Cut® with Automatic Gas Control, the iCNC® XT achieves true integrated control and turns the most precise plasma system into one of the easiest to operate.

With special features like Dual Microprocessor Control, iCNC XT is an affordable upgrade that can be paired with any plasma cutting system for improved cut quality and performance.

Integrated System Savings

  • Simpler installation when all systems are wired to one central box (the iCNC) and can be pre-set to work with each other.
  • Less case by case engineering.
  • No finger pointing from vendor to vendor.
  • Remote one spot access to the whole system and a possibility to do joined remote sessions with Thermal Dynamics specialists for help and training.
  • All information is available in one location and all settings and tuning can be done on the same screen.

Operator Console Options

  • XT2 is for Single Plasma machines with all needed switches and I/O also for a marking device, no external relays needed.
  • XT211 is for one Plasma, one Marker and one Oxy Fuel Torch.
  • XT242 is for a maximum 2 Plasmas, 4 Oxy Fuel stations and one Marker
  • The simplest version has no operator switches and the machine interface has 8 relay contacts and several low level I/O.
  • Several additional configurations exist, and we are happy to provide custom panels for partnering table OEMs.

Built-In Process Parameter Database

  • The iCNC communicates with all major brands of automated plasma systems that offer an automatic gas console.
  • Even plasma systems without communication are supported by the databases, offering automatic settings for all other parameters. On time guidelines allow the operator to set the plasma system for selected cutting processes and tasks.
  • Best integration is provided for Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut High Precision Plasma Systems and other Thermal Dynamics Plasma Systems.
  • Operator setting errors are practically eliminated.

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