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ADT-HC6500 Flame Cutting Controller

HC6500 cutting cnc motion control system controller

ADT-HC6500 is 10.4 inch display screen CNC Flame/Plasma controller, strongly anti-interference, which can control 2 sets or more of Hyperthern plasma sources without any interference. This Plasma CNC controller passed CE and IS9001 certificates. It can be applied in high precision bench/gantry type plasma / flame cutting machine.


  • ARM9 industrial Processor, embedded system of highly cost performance;
  • 10.4 Inch industrial Colorful LCD display;
  • 2(support 3 pulse port output--dualdrive) Axis step/servo motor control;
  • Multi-language compile;
  • Support Wireless MPG;
  • Support capacitive/lilasma torch height controller;
  • Support Multi-gun running simultaneously, and Axis dual drive;
  • Single program can store 50000 lines of instructions and processing code;
  • Software & hardware Alarm function, user friendly & safety operation;
  • Customized software by user's request;
  • One-key storage & restore function.

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