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Hypertherm ProNest


ProNest is an industry leading CAD/CAM nesting software for advanced mechanized cutting. It provides a single solution for all of your profile cutting needs, including plasma, laser, waterjet, and oxyfuel.

It is specifically designed to help fabricators and manufacturers increase material savings, boost productivity, lower operating costs, and improve part quality.

What's New in 2015

ProNest 2015 includes many new features and enhancements that allow for even greater ease of use and productivity for metal fabricators and others in the cutting industry. Take a look at what's new and see how ProNest can help your business.

Major features and enhancements to ProNest 2015 v.11.1 include:

  • An automatic nesting process called IntelliChoiceT that makes advanced level nesting decisions based on the available parts in the part list.
  • Simplified and intuitive user interface that more closely aligns with the look and operation found with commonly used business applications.
  • Tabs to quickly navigate between nests, insert new nests, or reorder nests by clicking and dragging tabs to the desired location.
  • An all new quoting tool including itemized part costs, secondary processes, markups, and discounts
  • Imporoved class selection
  • Waterjet enhancements including pierce types and quality by color
  • Interior cut-up for laser

Why choose ProNest?

Process expertise

ProNest does more than any other software to automatically embed cut process expertise into the NC code. Whether it's material type, thickness, or grade, ProNest is drawing on years of research and development to deliver the optimal adjustments including leads, separations, kerf, feedrate, and cutting techniques.

Breakthrough technologies

ProNest is brought to you by the cutting experts at Hypertherm. This allows you to leverage breakthrough cutting technologies like True Hole® and Rapid Part™, which are delivered automatically without operator intervention, and True Bevel™ which greatly reduces bevel set up time.

Ease of use

Users agree that ProNest is surprisingly easy to learn and use, particularly compared to other advanced nesting products. Our intuitive software only requires one interface, and users do not have to switch between different programs to complete the job. Your team will be up and running faster, and will be able to complete the job in fewer steps.

Technical support

Customers consistently report that ProNest has the best technical support in the industry. Our team is fast, friendly, and professional, allowing you to get back to work sooner.

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