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FastCAM 2D CNC Shape Cutting Summary
  • Drawing Editor
  • NC Edition (no nesting)
  • Standard Edition (manual nesting)
  • Professional Edition (auto nesting)
FastCAM 3D Solution for 2D cutting machines
  • FastCAM 3D Bevel Edition (software only)
  • Software upg from FastCAM Pro v7
  • Complete System w/Hardware
FastCUT 1D/2D Optimizer
  • Rectangular, Linear & CTL Nesting for Sheet, Panels, Laminate, Bar etc.
FastCAM QE for Optimized Processing Quotes
  • Plate & Structural Products
  • Burning, Shearing, Sawing, Drilling
FastCAM MTO for structural Steel Take off
  • Create electronic 'sortable' lists
  • Excel-like interface
FastSHAPES Plate Development - Modules
  • Automates common, complex and heavy construction shapes for NC cutting: Square to Round, Cones, Elbows, etc.
FastCAM CAD Analyzer
  • FastCAM CAD Analyzer for 2D Dimensioned Parts (shapes) drafted for Flame Cutting
  • Provides geometric data to estimators and production personnel
FastCOPY for Profile Cutting
  • Alternative to optical tracing
  • Digitize Templates & Engineering Parts to DXF
Tradesman in a Box™
  • Tradesman in a Box™ for plate fabrication workshops without CNC machinery
  • Aids in the manual layout of patterns and complex developments.
FastTRACK for Profiled (remnant) Plate
  • Graphic database to optimize/control/audit stock
  • Ideal for Metal Merchants
FontGEN & Outline programes
  • Simple NC solutions for text and graphics
  • Automatic conversion of raster to vector format
  • FastPIPE for profiling & adding penetrations to Heavy Pipe/Tube processed on pipe cutting machines
  • Covers Elbows, Pipe Branches, Standard Pipes, Mitred Straights
  • FastBEAM for Ficep, Peddinghaus, Wagner, Python X etc. Easy structural programming from drawings or DSTV files
  • FastFRAME for large scale complex tubular constructions
  • Extracts fabrication data needed for processing on pipe cutting machines
  • Saves hundreds of hours in design
  • FastLINK DNC Communications for old CNC controllers
  • Facilitates the downloading of NC files between the computer and the cutting machine
  • Supports Burny 1250,2.5,3,5,10,10LCD
FastCAM Kerf
  • Pre-Calculates kerf on your PC in seconds
  • Included in FastCAM systems but available separately to OEMs

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