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Tungsten Zirconated Electrodes


Designation Oxide Additive Impurities Content Tungsten content Color Sign
Nature Content %
WZ8 ZrO2 0.7-0.9 <0.20 Balance Grey

Product Description

  • Zirconated tungsten is excellent for AC welding due to favorable retention of balled end, high resistance to contamination, and good arc starting
  • Color mark: WZ3 (brown) WZr8 (white)
  • Other impurity: ?0.20%
  • Diameter: 1.0 - 12.0mm
  • Length: 50.00, 75.00, 150.00, 175.00mm
  • Quality of surface: Ground finish, polish finishing


Zirconium- Tungsten Electrode boasts a fine performance in welding under the condition of AC and has a good anti-corrosiveness. Especially in the case of high load of current, the Zirconium- Tungsten excellent performance is far better than that of other electrodes. The electrode retains a balled end when welding, which results in less tungsten permeation and good corrosion resistance.

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