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Tungsten 2% Thoriated Electrodes


Designation Oxide Additive Impurities Content Tungsten content Color Sign
Nature Content %
WT20 ThO2 1.7-2.2 <0.20 Balance Red

Product Description

2% Thoriated Tungsten Rod: Easy to get up the arc, in the welding process unceasingly arches. The electric arc is stable, not spread around and disperse the arc. The electricity saving effect is obvious, gets up the arc current relatively Drops 20 - 50%. Because welding current lower, in the use process is not easy to appear splashes, extremely not instable circle. The electrode causes Is long with the life.

The thorium tungsten electrode is the traditional electrode, has the superior welding performance, but the tungsten thorium electrode slight radioactivity, caused it the application to receive certain resisting and the limit. Trade mark Added impurity quantity % Color signWT10 ThO2 0.90~1.20% yellowWT20 ThO2 1.8~2.2% redWT30 ThO2 2.80~3.20% purpleWT40 ThO2 3.80~4.20% orange.


  • Thoriated tungsten is the most commonly used tungsten material, Thoriated is a low-level radioactive material, but it was the first to display a significant improvement over pure tungsten.
  • Thoriated tungsten is a good general use tungsten for DC applications, because it operates well even when overload with extra amperage, thus improves the performance of welding.

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